A Nice Cup Of Tea

We went to finish the day off with our last workshop. Our last workshop was learning the proper tea etiquette. We learned many things from the workshop. We learned things like the difference between etiquette and manners and how to use your utensils properly. On the table there were only three utensils. One was a fork, one was a knife, and the other one was a spread fork. The fork and knife is pretty self explanatory. The spread fork was for taking jam or butter and spreading it on your food. The spread fork had a blade that formed some sort of small knife so it would be easier for us to spread our jam or butter easily on our small food. We mostly used that fork for our scornes. The way you eat scornes properly is to tear your scornes (you should never cut a scorn) and take jam or butter cream with the spread fork and spread it on your bread. We mostly used our hands for this workshop. We also learned the story of King Louis who had 160 people get him ready for the day. At first it sounded absurd but there was every person for everything. Combing his hair (around 7 people) his daughter wakes him up, and around 20 people decide and ask the King what he wishes to wear. British people mostly get their etiquettes from the French people. I learned that etiquette and manners are two different things. Manners is being polite to people while etiquette means the protocol you have to undergo. I really like this workshop because it was the easiest workshop compared to others. I think this workshop is very useful because it is not only a one time thing. I can use this in case I have a fancy dinner with someone important so I can learn how to act.


Behind The Goals

Earlier Today, we went to the Chelsea Stadium. We entered to get our passes and then we went inside the museum and so many cool things like the original jerseys, mini games, etc. After we had a quick stroll in the museum, we met our supervisor/tour guide. We went to the actual stadium and we learned a lot of things there. Some of the things we learned was that there were over 400,000 seats and that Yokohama tyres payed lots of money to get on their jerseys. We basically learned how they got their money and what they spend their money on. They basically get their money from sponsorship, merchandise, and broadcasting. They mainly get their money from broadcasting though. They spend their money mainly on getting players. Other than getting players, they also have to provide worker’s salaries and have maintenance for the huge stadium. They pay so much money to get good maintenance for the stadium. Spending money on players is really expensive too. We got a good glimpse of the big stadium. The stadium used to be called the shed by local fans but a new policy says that they may not call it Chelsea stadium for some reason. We got to see players original jerseys in the changing room too. There were Ronaldo’s, Messi’s,Gareth Bale, and so on. I did enjoy the tour and thought that it was a good way for us to learn business. I dont know what to do with the info I have learned today considering I will not be a football manager and the info I have learned mainly focuses on football

To Be or Not To Be?

Before watching the actual play, we went to experience acting first. We started the activity with a little warm up. We were told to walk around the room and analyze the things that was placed in the room. After that we were told to close our eyes and point to the things that were said by our instructor. He said things like: point to the yellow roll paper, the couch, the blue chair, etc. It was pretty simple but as time went by, the challenges became harder. Like say the thing you last pointed at instead of what it actually was and say anything rather than what it really is. After that we stretched. After stretching we were to show expressions that were given to us. The first expression was “happy” my depiction of happiness was me joyfully jumping up as if I had just graduated. The other emotions included sad, fear/weakness, confidence/powerful, and so on. We didnt just do emotions, we also did characters. Some of them include a father and a mother. After that we were given scripts and we were to actually act. I got the role of a Lord (I forgot his name) and I was to interact with Verlin’s Hamlet. My character was sent by the king and queen to consult Hamlet. Basically what happened was I was trying to talk to Hamlet but Hamlet only mocked me and kept on whining. And then Hamlet knew that I was (a girl that he likes) father. We also did a scene where we all had roles, I was a guard named Marcellus and me and another guard, or better known by Horatio (Verlyn) finds out that the ghost of the previous king (Arya) exists. I did enjoy this workshop although the old english was really mind boggling and much of a tongue twister, I do want to become an actor as my plan B job but I would like to focus more on Hollywood instead of Theatre.

A Slice Of Pizza

We ended our day with a cooking workshop. We cooked in one of the best chefs in the world’s school. The school is called Jamie Oliver’s Cookery School. The school was inside Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant. We were making pizza. When we arrived, they had prepared some food for us. One was bread with cheese on it, one had mushrooms and for the non vegetarian menu, they had a spoonful of chicken (it was literally a spoon with chicken.) We ate before we started cooking pizza. Before making pizza, we had to wear an apron and wash our hands first. Our instructor told us what to do before we started to do it our own. The first thing we had to do was stir the flour before putting half of something (it was either cocktail or olive oil, I couldnt remember) and then when it became hard and sticky enough we were told to put flour on it to make it not sticky anymore. We layed out flour on the table and then we put the dough there and then we are supposed to extend the dough with the heel of our palm and pull it back and repeat. The quicker we did it, the less sticky it will become. When we were done we put it in a bowl and put a lid on top. If the dough were to be exposed to air for too long, the dough would become hard. Since we hadnt got time for waiting for the dough, our instructor had prepared dough for us. We then made the sauce. We squashed an olive and mixed it with some sort of leaf (I couldnt remember the name) with a mortar and pestle. We then poured in olive oil and then poured in all of that to our tomato sauce. The dough was only to be extended to a pizza shape, I accidentally tried to reshape it but that just made my pizza look weird. We then chose our toppings and then put it in the oven. When the pizza was ready, we ate our own creations. I could say I am satisfied with my pizza. When we left they gave us a Jamie Oliver cookbook which I found quite interesting. I could use what I have learned from this workshop in case I get hungry for pizza. I did find this workshop very interesting.

Crafting The Future

Earlier this morning we went to a robotics and coding workshop. I didnt really feel like doing the workshop because I didnt really like robotics. When we arrived, our instructor Rupert taught us the basics of building robots. He told us the things that we needed in our robot. We needed the brain, the motor (to make the robot move) and the wheels. I thought there would be more explanation than that but there was none. Me and Arya didnt exactly know what to make out of the parts so we just did the things we had to do to make sure the motor and the brain is attached to the robot and just went with where it went. Eventually I came up with a design of what the robot was gonna look like and decided to do it. Originally, We wanted four motors only in the robot but it was complicated if there were four motors on our robot since ours was relatively small. When we learned that two motors were enough we just went with two motors. Our robot started to blow up as time progressed. We were about to finish before Verlyn and Aisha but our robot wouldnt stick together. Ms Stephanie and our instructor did half of the work. When our instructor accidentally turned our robot’s brain on, it exploded. That was the moment I gave up. I used our instructor’s robot for the coding at the end. We tried to make the robot go in a square. It was quite simple, we just couldnt figure out how long the robot has to wait for it to turn. We eventually got the hang of it. When we were done, we tried something new, we tried commanding the robot to move back when it crashed with the bumper. The bumper has a button that signals the mind to move back when it has crashed. Based on the experience I do not wish to build a robot ever again.

En Garde

We ended our day with the last activity, probably the most tiring, fencing. I have a bad history with fencing because the last time I tried fencing my teacher taught me nothing and I got brutally beaten by this kid. When we were told that we were going to fence, I was really unenthusiastic. When we had arrived, I really liked the place because it was big enough for us to fence. When we started, we did a quick jogging session and our instructor taught us our fencing stance, better known as en garde. After that we got equipped with the gear. For boys, we only had jacket protection, helmet, gloves and swords (we only used foil and èpèe) after that we went to fencing basics. You are to move, or advance as they call it, with your front foot and move back, or retreat as they call it, with your back foot. You are to always keep your knees bended. The foil sword has many rules to it, some include you may only hit the trunk, others will be counted as a hit but there will be no point. If someone were to attack you and that person is supposed to defend, it will count as a hit but no point will be given to them. There were som neat moves too. Some of them are parrying (blocking someone’s attack with the edge of your blade, this happens to be my favorite) and counter attacking someone by twirling your sword to the other side when that person tries to parry (the person who is blocking cant be saved from being hit unless they retreat far back) after we got a hang using the foil, we moved on to the èpèe. The èpèe is more of offense rather than defence. To block someone, while they attack you extend and raise your arm so when they get close to you they get hit. In the end we had a match (me and arya vs verlyn and aisha) we ended up losing but after the match ended, our instructor said he wanted to see more of my moves so in the end I got three extra points. I really do love the activity and I hope I get more lessons similar to this one

Inside A Criminal’s Mind

After we had our lunch we went over to the detective program building. Basically we were a group of detectives trying to solve a murder. This year, the murder case was a man pushed off London Tower. Before we started the program, our instructor asked if anyone would like to volunteer to help her with something, I volunteered. All I basically did was put on forensic gear (mask, gloves, goggles, onesie coat/jacket, shoe covers, etc.) It didnt really come in handy though because it was basically useless. I think the reason they did that was just because they wanted to show what forensics should wear in a crime scene. The victim’s name was Samuel King. He was a teacher in London School. There were three main suspects: A teacher named Jane Gilbert (Samuel King got chosen for the head of science role, which jane had applied for. She believes it was unfair that Samuel got the job because he was friends with the head teacher.) Greg Grant ( a teacher at a school) and Heather Williams (a mentor teacher that has anxiety) what basically happened was that Sam was on a field trip with his school to the London Tower. In a bus to the tower, he saw one of his old friends there which he recognized instantly, that friend was Greg Grant. Sam texted his wife, then his wife told him to talk to greg. As they were talking Greg said he had a job in a school as a history teacher. Sam knew that wasnt right because Greg dropped out of college. His ultimatum for Greg was to resign or he was going to tell the head teacher himself. After that Sam went in the gift store and the mentor he was teaching, which was heather williams went in too and tried to kiss Sam which sam quickly refused, Heather was really upset and bit Sam’s forearm. The way we found out heather had bit sam was because her dental impressions fit the bite mark on Sams forearm. After that Greg and sam had a heated argument on one of the top buildings. Greg was in a lot of debt so he couldnt afford to lose his job so he decided to push sam off the window. The reason we knew that Greg was the murderer is because his fingerprints matched the ones on the window shards. There was a special powder that helped us see the fingerprints better. Personally I think that being a detective is really cool and I love the feeling you get when you piece all the clues and evidence together and find the criminal because its so satisfying. I would want to become a detective as one of my plan B’s one day